Benefits of using Mac OS X×158.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 252px) 100vw, 252px” />Mac OS X is a UNIX based operating system developed by Apple Inc. This is exclusively designed for Macintosh computers and seems to be really beneficial for Apple Pc users. It is also the second most used operating system after windows. Let us have a look at the reasons why this operating system has a leading edge over other competitor products.

Security- Actually this operating system is a two layered system. UNIX is specifically known for its high security system within personal computers. It is hardly possible to catch a virus in the form of a worm or Trojan, unless the user explicitly allows it by using the admin powers. The built in firewall is set up to work unobtrusively, safeguarding your PC from external threats and also being highly configurable as well. Users don’t need any special anti- virus software like other operating systems do, but better to be vigilant about strange files and should never allow applications with duplicate product certificates to enter your computer.

Reliability- You can always count on your operating system. Being designed by Apple Inc., Mac OS X is incredibly stable and apple controls production from start to finish. SO there is hardly any chance for this operating system to crash.

Easy to use- Apple attracts best in the business. Specially their industrial and interface designers are industry specialists. Their graphical user interface is designed by industry specialists minimizing the complexity to the least. Even a little kid can use this operating system without any complicated guidelines. This OS’s key functionality is designed just to work. Attractiveness of their operating system is one major advantage they have set. You can even stare at the screen for 24 hours without blinking your eyes. That’s the type of advanced technology they have put into this operating system.

Integration with other Apple Products- This operating system will automatically recognize and start connecting with any other apple product such as an IPod, an IPhone, and Airport etc. Also it hardly request to install drivers to non- apple products. It is not just integration. It is like you are connected to the whole universe with just one device and one click.

Updates at the Tip toe- Apple is renowned for their consistent updates on mobile and computer operating systems. The Operating systems include many advanced software to perform different functions and being updated consistently adding the latest possible features on it. You are not forced to update, they always check on your preference and then act accordingly.

Can run Two operating systems at the same time- The Mac OS being installed on Intel chips , you can also run windows operating systems like XP or Vista non currently with the OS, using Boot camp or parallel software.

Mentioned above are some reasons why the Mac OS X has a leading edge over other competitor products in the market. The Apple Inc. never dissatisfies their customers.

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