How to Recover Lost Word File on Mac

How to Recover Lost Word File on MacIt’s a very busy Sunday and you are working on a research paper due on Monday. You have completed the write-ups and you are now ready to prepare your soft copy for printing. So you typed vigorously, knowing that you’re on your way to submission. Then, after hours of pounding away on your keyboard, suddenly the power failed. Your Mac shut down. That’s when you stopped and started to realize you lost your work f5icfxh. So you began to worry if you can still recover your file, continue working on it on your remaining available time and submit it before it’s too late.

Fortunate enough, there are three available solutions now, and gone are the days when all you have to do is accept that you have lost your work and move on by starting all over again.

On earlier versions of MS Office for Word documents, the auto-recover and auto-save features were not yet introduced. It was just on the 2010 version when this feature came out, enabling users to automatically save and recover any unsaved documents they are working with, that resulted from unexpected closing of the word processing program due to a number of reasons like brownouts, computer errors, virus infection and other issues.

What these features do is that they are basically saving, and saving the user’s work after every “x” number of minutes, with 10 minutes the default time interval. By this, the user then gets assured of his work’s safety against loss since the program automates the saving . This means that the shorter the time interval set for auto-save, the more frequent updates the user gets for his auto-saved work. This can undeniably be considered a very valuable feature that prevents losing one’s work from unforeseen circumstances.

To access this feature, Close the Word program for Mac, it it’s open. Look for the Go menu then, click Home. Now, Open the Documents folder, and then click to open the Microsoft User Data folder. Look over all files that start with the phrase “AutoRecovery save of”. Select the word file you want to recover, then rename the file and add the “.doc” file name extension. Double-click your file to open the document in Word for Mac. Click the File menu then select Save As from the options. Input a new name for that file into the Name field, select a folder for that file, and finally click the Save button.

Another solution you can turn to is to access the Temporary Folder location in your Mac. You go there by going to Finder. Choose Go then Go to folder. Next, you have to type “/private/var/folders” and look for the files labeled “Word Work File” inside the ‘Temporary items” folder. Choose option drag folders or files to your desktop, before hovering them over Microsoft Word’s icon. You are advised not to delete anything after that.

Lastly, recovery of lost word files on Mac can also be performed through the help of a free third-party Mac office offline recovery software called uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery. To use this, choose document file type upon opening the program. Choose to scan the specified volume where you think the lost file was contained. You can choose whether it’s on the hard drive or other storage devices. Then, all recoverable Word files will be displayed and you can now choose for the one you intend to recover.

Word files are very useful for everyone, especially in schools, government and private offices. They facilitate smooth business transactions and effective communication. In today’s world where people are gearing to more electronic connections, losing your word documents can never be an option.

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